We have worked in Hotels, Resorts and Office Spaces

Why to wait for the tenders and finding out who is the right persons for the bulky projects, we make sure that we are transparent and punctual on handing over the projects on time.

Just sit back, Relax and leave the work for us. 




On time Service

We could wait enough to open our first cafe, when we approach her, she gave us a time and it was made sure that the work is done.

— Jayant Das

Confused Client!

“I had so much in my mind and space was an issue but when we met her, she made sure that she accomodated all my requirement without making the space messed up. Highly recommended!!

— Prashant Jain

They have service everywhere.

“I was tired if looking for an designer to renovate my hotel in Shillong, I was worried that if I hire someone from outside they won't give much time for the projects. But Karishma made sure that she send someone or personally visit the site frequently and made it easy for us”

— Bishnu Chettri



No matter how big the space is, we complete the project in time

Specialise on Space saving furniture and getting the work done on time


Vector’s Academy, Ambari Guwahati

Physiotherapy Clinic in 200 Sq ft, Guwahati